The Lecture and Debate Rooms (later Journalism)

The English Building design includes several room names that are unfamiliar to its most recent inhabitants.  On the south side of the quad, opening onto the courtyard, rooms 23 and 24 were created as debate and lecture spaces and included design functions specific to their intended uses.

The Debate Room, with its platform and cabinetry has served as a generic classroom.

The room had raised stage on the south side and originally served as the Debate Room.
The Debate Room became P127.
Some instructors particularly enjoyed teaching in this classroom off of the courtyard.
The Lecture Room had a stage on its west side.
The drawings show the arch and pendant lights that appear in this photo.

Most recently, the space has housed the Journalism department, and in the remodel students will continue to create the Viking newspaper from the old Lecture Room.

The Viking offices were originally in “The Shed,” not the English Building.
Viking staff member, 1942.

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