Rest Rooms, for resting

I’m particularly interested in rooms number 27 and 37 in the diagram above.  The “Rest Room” (room 37) opened onto the courtyard.  One faculty member, who began working at LBCC in the 1950s, reports that the room was reserved for female faculty so that they might retreat from the hubbub of the college and that she would take naps there during the day.  Nothing so civilized has been planned for the renovation, and this entire block will now become the restrooms.

In its final days before the renovation, it served as a staff lunch room and a repository for wobbly furniture and other detritus that the next generation of our students and faculty will never get to experience.  It had a great door; otherwise, the room was certainly underutilized.

We don’t have any eyewitness accounts of the “Men Teachers” (room 27), so we can only assume that it served some similar purpose for the “men teachers” among the faculty.  For at least 20 years, it has served as faculty office space.


The room was prone to occasional flooding, even though the rest of Southern California was plagued by severe drought.  Drainage on the air conditioning unit located directly overhead was prone to clogging.  The renovation will include new heating and air conditioning units, and this room will be tiled in its new incarnation.



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