If there is one clear distinction between the original designs for the English Building and the design for the renovation, it is probably the design of space for storage.

The original plans give extensive attention to storage.  Almost every room had some storage built into the architecture.  There are cabinets, closets, and shelves in the classrooms, offices, and lounges.

There are two rooms that were designated as store rooms.

Store Room #39 has a skylight and included the shelves from the sketch at the top of this page.
The room designs also provide details for the ladder that would be used to access the shelves . . .
. . . including the hook by which the ladder would attach to the self unit.

Most of the original cabinetry will be removed in the remodel.  It is a shame that materials so carefully crafted cannot be retained.  But many of these shelved have long been empty.  Nobody has purposely stored anything in the classroom shelves for decades.  At one point, we removed the shelves from the classroom closets in order to keep the overhead projectors out of the aisles.

Long ago, the shelves were removed from Store Room #39 in order to create a single faculty office space.  The sky light remained in place.

The design for the renovated building does include at least two small store rooms–no shelving, ladders, or skylights, though.  Walking through newer construction on campus, I notice that recent design seems to favor conference rooms over storage and that many conference rooms, here as well as at other institutions, are often the places that overflowing stuff accumulates, especially the many boxes of copy paper and other supplies that we have to purchase in bulk at the end of each fiscal year.



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