The Center Stage


The original theater had three stages.  The audience sat on unfixed chairs that could be turned towards whatever stage was being used–scenes would move from one to the next with the various connecting doors. Only one of these stages is left.  The center stage has been covered by a wall.  Judging by production photos, the center stage may have been used less than the other two stages, or it just wasn’t as good for taking pictures.  It was relatively narrow (only eleven and a half feet across), and it was walled off during a remodel in the late 1950s.

If you look carefully at the paneling behind the white board in this picture, you can see the line that marked the top of the original center stage.
The center stage seems to be the only one with curtains.


The back of the stage was a curved wall.  This space later became two small rooms that never quite worked–a conference/storage room and the Ishmael Room.  The reasoning for the name is that the room sits on the “P-Quad,” close enough to the Pequod for us to call it Ishmael.  The large table was our Queequeg’s coffin.



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