The Dressing Rooms

Behind the original stage were a boys’ and a girls’ dressing room.  These rooms have the most picturesque entrances in the English Building.  In the renovation, these doors and steps will be replaced by windows.

Doors to offices on the south side of the P-Building, pictured in 2016 shortly before the building was closed for renovation.

The Labyrinth

Since the 1950s, the cluster of offices behind the old theater space has puzzled those of us who have occupied the spaces.  Students, searching for a professor, have likened the design to the minotaur’s maze.  The curved hallway was quite narrow.  As you can see in the plans, it was only 30 inches wide, and did not meet any ADA standards.  It will be removed in the renovation.img_0199

The original plans detail the wardrobes in each dressing room.  These remained in the offices although the dressing tables had been removed.  Note that the closet closest to the door in the Girls’ D.R. has a curved wall.  When Natalie and Tony tried to put their fridge in the closet, it fit in the opening, but was too wide for the narrow space in the back.

We knew that these had served as dressing rooms in the original design, but until we had access to the architectural drawings, the space didn’t quite make sense.

Version 2img_0553

Jason Casem in his office, the former Boys’ Dressing Room.
The former Boys’ Dressing Room.
Bathroom in the Girls’ Dressing Room.  The department instituted a policy on office restroom use because these offices had their own facilities.


The former Girls’ Dressing Room–the dressing table was on this wall.


Barbara (Brantingham) Britton in the Girls’ Dressing Room.  She received a Paramount Pictures contract after starring in the college’s 1940 production of The Old Maid (and after appearing in the Tournament of Roses parade where her picture was noticed by a Paramount executive).



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