Office Space

In 1948, eleven faculty members from the English Department showed up for the yearbook’s picture day.  My methodology may not be rigorous, but this is roughly the size of the department that the building was designed to accommodate.  It appears that debate and drama were both included in the department at that time.  There were five rooms that were designated as offices.  Four of these rooms were formal offices with reception areas and glass partitions.  It looks like there was almost room for everyone at that time.

Now that we have twenty-nine full-time faculty (and we were up to forty before Reading became its own department in 2009), the majority of the rooms that we have used as offices for decades were originally designed for other purposes.


Eli Daughdrill’s film Professor was filmed in P103.

Note that the “Glass Partition” diagram on the right was specifically for the room that we know as P119.  It was originally a classroom and and office with a door that joined the two.

This is the original layout for what we have known most recently as the English Department Office, P119.  The copy machine was where the #13 is in this drawing–the door that is pictured there had been removed.  The upper (classroom) door is the one that we have known.  When the partition was removed, the classroom was divided into the Department Head’s office and what was first the dean’s office and later an office for three faculty.  From this drawing, it appears that the window in the DH office was added later.
The office (with its built-in cabinets) in 1942.
The same cabinets in 2016.
And in 1962

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